Sarah Abbasi

MBA Class of 2018

Bio: I come from a Pakistani background but was born in Saudi Arabia and lived there until I was ten, at which my point my family moved to the United States. I’ve always had an interest in business and concentrated in it during my undergraduate education and hope to broaden my knowledge and experience through the MBA program.

In my free time, I enjoy art such as drawing, painting, sculpting and graphic design. I also love meeting people from different backgrounds since I’ve been exposed to diverse people and cultures from a very young age. I hope to experience new and exciting cultures through travel in the coming years.

Concentration:  Financial Analysis and Investments

Career Focus: 


Previous Employer(s): Corporate Accountant at Townsquare Media (2014-2016); General Accountant at The Camuto Group (2013-2014)

Undergraduate Institution/Major: Boston University – Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Accounting