Meghan Diamond

My name is Meghan Diamond and I am second-year law student at the University of Connecticut. I attended UConn for undergrad and graduated with a degree in Marketing with a concentration in digital analytics and a minor in political science.

Not only am I a 2L, but I am also pursuing the dual JD/MBA program, as I believe it will continue to facilitate the expansion and marriage of both my legal and business interests.

I have experience working as a marketing associate for a law firm and later transitioned to a legal assistant within that firm, through which I was able to gain exposure to both the business and legal aspects of a company.

Some areas of interest I have include compliance and international business.

Additionally, I am a Mixed Martial Artist which I believe capitalizes on my discipline and competitiveness, as well as my wide array of passions that stretch beyond the legal profession.

Contact Information
CampusGraduate Business Learning Center - Hartford