Lorenz Gunzl

Bio: Lorenz is a recent graduate from the University of Connecticut in 2021 with a BA in actuarial science and a minor in statistics. He spent his years building up his quantitative and critical-thinking skills through various financial courses. Lorenz is currently in the MBA program to develop managerial skills and learn the finance sector in order to transition into the financial sector. He has an internship experience in a vertically integrated real estate investment company.

        Aside from academics, Lorenz has a love for the game of volleyball. He played on the UConn Men’s Club Volleyball team during his undergraduate years and was appointed the captain by his coach and peers during his third year. Mixing this with his want to enter the financial sector, he hopes to find work in his dream city of Charlotte, NC, where he can partake in both his hobby and his career.

Concentration:  General Business with a focus on financial analysis

Undergraduate Institution/Major: BA Actuarial Science — University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT