Experiential Learning Milestone

Experiential learning has been core to the learning model at the UConn School of Business for over fifteen years, and is a key component in the design of the UConn Full-time MBA program. There is a wide range of ways in which students can meet this milestone, and use it to advance their personal and career goals. These include a project in one of UConn’s Accelerators, a paid or unpaid internship or co-op, or an individual or group student project course, which can include student start-ups. It is up to the student, with guidance from faculty and staff, to propose to the MBA Program Director how this milestone will be met, to obtain approval, and to complete it prior to graduation. One required milestone; students planning substantial career turns are encouraged to plan for multiple experiential learning projects.

***Important for international students*** – Before you commit to the training opportunity, you must confirm your eligibility with an International Advisor. Your Curricular Practical Training (CPT) must be authorized by a UConn International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) International Advisor and you must receive your CPT-approved Form I-20 BEFORE you may begin your training, and before you file the Form I-9 with your training site (if paid). Processing may take up to two weeks. Failure to obtain CPT authorization prior to the training start date may be a violation of your F-1 visa status. CPT authorization start dates cannot be back-dated. There are also related policies for Optional Practical Training (OPT) that relate to post-graduation or to a student’s final semester at the university.
Please Note: International students have two opportunities to complete CPT-based experiential learning while in the Full-time MBA Program. Students can take part in a non-credit “Experiential Learning Milestone” (often completed in the summer between year one and year two in the program), and by completing an internship or co-op for credit. If students pursue this option, they must enroll in a 3 credit course,  BADM 5894-001: Field Study Internship. This course can only be completed one time. Both formats for experiential learning opportunities for international students are only available after students have completed at least one year of academic study.

Accelerator Projects

See Experiential Learning Accelerators for more details. Accelerator projects count towards the milestone, and also count towards elective course credits.

Internships or Co-ops

Paid or unpaid internships or co-ops with a Program-approved company or organization. This requires an approved application that indicates responsibilities or tasks that will draw on concepts or skills in the MBA curriculum. International students must also meet visa requirements for paid internships or co-ops. Unpaid internships or co-ops can be considered for course credit. Semester experiences within the MBA Venture Fellows Program (and linked enrollment in BADM 5894-002) can satisfy this milestone as well.

 Student Projects

Participation in a student-startup, or a sponsored company or nonprofit organization project that has been approved by the MBA Program Director in advance of project work. Projects may be student or faculty-initiated. Student initiated projects require identification of a faculty sponsor. All projects require a final written deliverable. Projects will be completed for elective course credit. This option is also open to individual students. Please contact MBA Program Office staff for additional guidance.