Specialty in Portfolio Management

12 additional credits. This specialty requires admission into the Student Managed Fund program, and a commitment to the 2-year (20-month) degree path.

Fund Management I

This course is the first part of a two-part Fund Management course. This course develops the objectives and goals, the process, and the procedure for execution for management of funds in conformity with the SMF Prospectus. The purpose is to train students in the art of asset allocation, security selection, portfolio construction, risk management, preparing analyst reports for trade recommendations, monitoring of positions, and preparing reports for presentation to the Investment Advisory Board. (BADM 5350, 3.0 credits)

Fund Management II

This course is the second part of a two-part Fund Management course. In addition to all the activities in the first part during Fall, this course focuses on portfolio management, performance evaluation, attribution analysis, development of various trading and risk management strategies, and technical analysis. Students prepare the final annual report for presentation to the UConn Foundation. (BADM 5350, 3.0 credits)

Valuation of Financial Assets

The objective of this course is to develop models for asset allocation, and security selection to construct a diversified portfolio. It focuses on the analysis of industry segments, and valuation of common stocks and bonds. Topics include analysis of business models, measurement of risk and cost of capital, valuation of common stocks, and valuation and measurement of risk of bonds and bond funds. Preparation of analysts’ reports is an integral part of the course. (FNCE 5408, 3.0 credits)

Advanced Valuation and Portfolio Management

The course starts with performance measurement, and then discusses various trading and risk management strategies, and concludes with a discussion of the impact of Accounting process, and Corporate Governance on valuation. Technical analysis is briefly discussed at the end. The course is delivered primarily through discussion of cases. (FNCE 5409, 3.0 credits)


In addition, all students must pursue at least 3 credits of a 5000-level Management course.