Two-year Path

The two year MBA path is the standard path for UConn’s Full-time MBA program, designed to help prepare you for an internship, while enabling you to build a deeper portfolio of second year electives and experiences to help turn your career towards a new functional area or industry.  The redesigned course sequence “front-loads” core MBA courses while preparing you for internships, with two electives in your chosen concentration in the spring of your first year.

In your second year, you now have time in your schedule to:

  • Take additional electives towards a specialty that enhances your concentration, including Portfolio Management, Real Estate, Health Care Finance & Insurance, or Marketing Analytics — or complete a second concentration
  • Add more experience to your portfolio by completing additional accelerator courses, co-ops or internships
  • Start a business or a nonprofit, supported by classes in entrepreneurship, and take part in the UConn Innovation Quest
  • Expand your knowledge by enrolling in graduate electives across the University
  • Work up to 20 hours part-time while taking classes.