Case Competitions

UConn MBA Team at the CIBER Case Competition

University of Maryland CIBER Emerging Markets Case Competition 2017

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Participants: Kevin (Kefeng) Li (’17), Joshua Litwin (’18), Divij Munjal (’18), Jie Liu (’18), Abhinav Kandlakunta (’18)

Awards: Competition-wide “Best Presenter” – Joshua Litwin

Competition Description: Teams of MBA students had less than 24 hours to review case studies focused on creating positive social change through business avenues in emerging markets. Judges for this event came from corporate and international development industries, and judged students’ abilities to articulate defensible, feasible, and prudent resolutions to issues faced within various emerging markets.


2017 University of Illinois Case Competition.

Illinois MBA Case Competition 2017

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Participants: Brad Goodman (’17), Juliet Grenblatt (’18), Ankur Jain (’18), Wei Wang (’17)

Awards: Team: Second Place Overall

Individual: “Best Q&A” – Wei Wang

Competition Description: Eleven business schools from across the United States took part in this case competition focused on business strategy. Within a 24 hour window, teams were tasked with analyzing a complex case constructed around business strategy issues faced by large companies, and then present a solution to a panel of judges.  The top three schools received plaques and monetary awards.

Judges for this event hailed from a few of the top corporations within the U.S., and staff, faculty, and alumni from the Illinois MBA program took part in judging as well. Overall this was a successful trip which left students with ample opportunities to apply their skills and network with fellow MBAs from across the country.


Vienna Case Competition 2016

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Participants: Armond Hodge, Andrew Oullet

Competition Description: The Negotiation Challenge is an international negotiation competition open for graduate students majoring mostly in business and law.

The Negotiation Challenge is a highly competitive event that allows the students to compare and improve their negotiation skills and prepare for the complex negotiations they will face after graduation.

The Negotiation Challenge gathers students from leading universities from all over the world, allows them to share their passion and compete against each other in realistic negotiation situations.



APICS Case Competition

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Participants: Peter Ernsky, Shirley Tarabochia, Milin Chhanechhara, Azmath Rahiman

Competition Description: Teams of students are given a supply chain problem to be solved using a computer simulation game.  Teams will develop and execute their solutions in the simulation. All Teams will present to a Panel of Judges on their rationale for the decisions and their learning through the simulation experience.

Teams will receive the case, complete a practice simulation round and one competition simulation round prior to attending the on-site competition in Albany, NY. The balance of the case simulation rounds will be completed on-site over a 6-hour time frame on Friday afternoon/evening. Scores are calculated on a combined score from the simulation results and oral presentation.




Illinois MBA Case Competition 2016

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Participants: Amber Almezy, Sara Trevisani, Glenn Mallory, Mike Ballard

Competition Description: Twelve schools from across the United States are invited to participate in this exhilarating competition. Participants had 24 hours to analyze a complex business strategy case and presented to a panel of judges. This is an excellent networking opportunity for MBA students to interact with fellow MBAs from other programs as well as corporate sponsors and judges. The top three schools will receive cash prizes!

Judges for this event will be representative from some of the top corporations within the U.S., Illinois MBA alumni, and faculty and staff from the Illinois MBA. Not only is this an opportunity to showcase your skills, but an invaluable opportunity to network and build relationships with successful professionals.


Yale Case Competition

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Participants: Mike Ballard, Dan Brush, Cassie Trammel, Wei Wang, Azmath Rahiman, Nidhi Jaswal

Competition Description: The Yale Graduate Student Consulting Club hosted their 5th Annual Consulting Case Competition on Friday, April 1st, 2016 at the Omni Hotel. This year’s competition featured teams from top schools in the Northeast, who had the opportunity to develop and present solutions to an exciting real-world problem, compete for prize money and recognition, and network with professional consultants from our sponsoring firms.


UCLA Case Competition

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Participants: Peter Ernsky, Michael Synan

Competition Description: The 3rd Annual Game Day Sports Case Competition is the only sports case competition that brings together MBA and JD student to take a multidisciplinary approach to analyzing, presenting and negotiating solutions to real-world business problems.



Lincoln MBA Case Challenge

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Participants: Peter Ernsky, Kaitlyn Romania, Shlok Srivastav, Imtiaz Ahmed

Competition Description: The Lincoln MBA Challenge is a brand-new initiative straight from the boardroom at the Lincoln Motor Company. This specifically designed program allows MBA students to face real-world marketing challenges and compete against other top-tier students in creating authentic marketing strategies and implementing those strategies in a test-drive challenge.

This year’s participants are tasked with targeting a specific market segment: making the Lincoln brand relevant to lawyers and law students within their communities.



Yale Healthcare Case Competition

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Participants: Azmath Rahiman

Competition Description: Yale Healthcare Case Competition sponsored by the Jackson Laboratory brings together interdisciplinary teams of students to solve some of the most challenging problems in healthcare and biotechnology today. The 2016 case challenges participants to design a strategy delivering a new biotech innovation to market.



CFA Institute Research Challenge

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Participants: Azmath Rahiman, Jeremy Hite, Priyanka Raja, Wei Wang

Competition Description: The CFA Institute Research Challenge is an annual global competition that provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. Students work in teams to research and analyze a publicly traded company — sometimes even meeting face-to-face with company management. Each team writes a research report on their assigned company with a buy, sell, or hold recommendation and may be asked to present and defend their analysis to a panel of industry professionals.

The first ever CFA Institute Research Challenge competition was hosted by the New York Society of Security Analysts in 2002 and involved just five teams from the New York area. Since then, the competition has grown to involve tens of thousands of students from over 800 universities in more than 55 countries.


Yale SOM Responsible Investing Group Case Competition

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Participants: Azmath Rahiman, Wei Wang, Jason Harris, Jeremy Hite

Competition Description: Working from one of Yale’s signature raw cases, teams will be asked to design an ESG fund for Commonfund that will be flexible to clients’ different demands and to exogenous factors. Teams will have the opportunity to use the Corporate Knights CleanCapitalist Portfolio tool, currently in beta.



GE Case Competition

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Participants: Susan Jacob, Ross Hicks, Glenn Malory, Brad Goodman

Competition Description: The 2015 Northeast ECLP case competition was held on Oct 30 at the UConn business school campus in Stamford CT. The teams presented great new product ideas geared towards supporting commercial initiatives for the industrial internet. The case competition was hosted by current ECLPs: Ashmi Pancholi 2016 Corporate ECLP and Amol Kapur 2016 Capital/Power & Water ECLP.