Susan Jacob

MBA Class of 2017

I am currently pursuing my full-time MBA at the University of Connecticut, with an expected graduation date of May 2017. My goal is a double specialization in Marketing & Strategy and Finance.

The short-term object of pursuing an MBA education at this point in my career is to move to creative executive positions in the film & entertainment industry after 11 years as a professional cinematographer. I have a large interest in gaining in-depth understand of worldwide distribution and contributing to that part of the industry as well as film financing, particularly comparing VC and studio-based financing. Consulting is a newly discovered passion of mine, which calls upon all of the skills I’m learning and using in my MBA program.

In the long term and with the experience of what it takes from the business-side to create successful film releases, I plan to pursue producing films full-time, though I’ll be completing multiple short projects in the meantime. My undergraduate degree is in film producing and participating as a crew member has invaluably informed perspective on the business and how I plan to shape my career path.