Shlok Srivastav

MBA Class of 2017

Over 4 years of experience primarily in Business Development and Strategy with a proven track record of continuous successes.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Engineering Degree in Computer Science in 2011 after which I joined Persistent Systems as a Software Engineer. I have founded two startups, one of which will launch by mid-2016.

Learning is a continuous process and with my MBA, I plan to imbibe the fine nuances of business, especially in Marketing, Business Strategy and Analytics. I currently hold a leadership position at the Graduate Marketing Association heading their Corporate Relations and Development activities.

I believe, I’m perceptive and have the ability to comprehend information quite well which gives me an edge of thinking laterally and predicting future outcomes of calculated decisions.

My mantra in life is that one can do only two things in life – Do an existing thing in a better manner or work on something new and innovative. As long as one is persevering towards either of the two, complacency does not set in.

Contact Information
Phone+1 (669) 264-1055