Pei-ju Lee

MBA Class of 2017

Experience:Seven years in manufacturing and chain store industries

Education:Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Biotechnology

Career Focus: Providing business and operation strategies by integrating my skills of data analysis and market research and my understanding of manufacturing, biotechnology, and healthcare industries.

Concentration: Business Analytics & Financial Analysis

GPA: 4.08/4.30

Skills: Product development (R&D), market research (CLT/HUT/FGD), process optimization (product defect troubleshooting), business planning (NPV and cash flow estimation),and data analysis (spreadsheet modeling/predictive modeling)

Project Management: Directed a cross-corporates team including Chinese suppliers and Japanese partners to improve product quality and quality control process in overseas branches.

Management experience:Division deputy manager

Languages: English (fluent), Mandarin (native), Japanese (JLPT N1 certificate)

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