Specialty in Marketing Analytics

6 additional credits This specialty supplements the Digital Marketing Strategy concentration with a deeper focus on marketing analytics methods and their application to marketing decisions.

Big Data and Strategic Marketing

This required course offers students the tools to analyze “big data,” to identify patterns that have actionable marketing value. Students will gain hands-on exposure to advanced analytical tools such as neural networks, market basket analysis, sequence detection, text mining, and use of state-of-the-art business modeling software to apply course concepts. Applications include financial services, retail, advertising, insurance, health care and human resources. This course is directed at students preparing for positions in digital analytics, digital marketing, marketing research, and consulting. (MKTG 5220, 3.0 credits)

One additional 3-credit elective from the following courses

  • MKTG 5655 Pricing and Revenue Management*
  • MKTG 5250 Marketing Research and Intelligence*
  • OPIM 5604: Predictive Modeling
  • OPIM 5671: Data Mining and Business Intelligence
  • OPIM 5894: Data Mining with R
  • OPIM 5894: Big Data Analytics with Hadoop

*If one of these courses is used to fulfill the “Flexible Marketing Elective” requirement of the Digital Marketing Strategy Concentration, an additional elective from the list above is required to complete the Marketing Analytics specialization.

In addition, all students must pursue at least 3 credits of a 5000-level Management course.